Hi! We’re Textel. We’re the leading texting platform designed to actually improve your customer experience. We help independent agencies have real conversations with their customers and policy holders through 1:1 or Blast texting, from new or existing landline phone numbers. With Textel, you can: Text your customers from inside your existing systems, meaning you don’t have to add another screen or learn a new platform Text enable your existing phone numbers or set up new phone numbers Let customers move from text to voice in just one click Get faster engagement and a clear system of record through text at scale.
Product Description
Add texting to your workflow and connect with your customers on the channel they prefer most. Whether you add Textel Conversations, Blast or both, you’ll improve your agency’s efficiency and drive customer engagement. With Textel, you get: 1:1 and 1:Many texting SMS & MMS Text automation Contact management Reporting & analytics Opt-in/out management Administration and oversight



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