Insurance Agent App is a product of Blue I, LLC and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Our team has lots of corporate and start-up experience; aside from being mobile software developers, we are policyholders and businesspeople too. We understand and live the challenges facing the IA channel. Our mission is to keep the IA at the center-point of the relationship between carriers, agents and policyholders, while increasing agency productivity, service capabilities and retention. Founded in 2012, Insurance Agent App is the premier policyholder service platform for Independent Agents (IAs) because of how we have streamlined the fragmented and inefficient transfer of data between carriers, agencies, and policyholders. That’s when I recognized the real need for insurance agents to engage and contain their clients on the mobile platform. Staying true to that “need” we developed the Insurance Agent App.
Product Description
Expect fewer “nuisance” calls. The info is already in the IA App! Agents & CSR’s can focus on what’s important for your business! Clients who use the IA App remain with your agency longer. INTEGRATIONS • HawkSoft • QQCatalyst • NowCerts



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