Your agency carries a bevy of policies, each with its own unique content. And your policy holders expect you to recall all of it, at any moment. With Capacity, you can. Automate your conversations while keeping the human experience top of mind with our AI-powered chatbots and automation tools. Then, with an AI-backed knowledge base, securely store your agency’s documents, web pages, and spreadsheets to make information instantly accessible to your team. What’s more, when you’re making important decisions that will mitigate financial risks, you need answers immediately and you need to know the info you have is accurate and up-to-date. With Capacity, you’ll have compliant access to everything you need in seconds.
Product Description
Capacity has a few different product offerings. The most beneficial for you are: Chatbots: Scale your personalization without draining your budget. Use conversational AI to improve your service and sales. Knowledge Base: Add an AI-powered knowledge base to store all of your information without sacrificing any control. LiveChat & SMS: Everything you do starts with a conversation, so get into the heart of it faster. With LiveChat & SMS, your team can pick up an automated conversation right where Capacity left off.



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